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Vitality — Empowerment — Clarity

Renato Montañes

Movement and Mindset Coach

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Enter a healing space with my holisitic set of tools circling the mind body and soul. I help those struggling with depression, anxiety and burnout to heal themselves through practices in vitality, empowerment and clarity.

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Student Testiomonials and Success Stories

"Renato helped me renew confidence in my body and  get stronger."

Having trained with Renato in-person and through his online program, I realized that beyond his expertise he brings an ability to listen to my needs and to help me reach my goals in a safe and doable way.

- Stephanie Selg

"Your trainings and talks have brought me further than I ever imagined!"

Thank you for showing me the strength not only physically, but also mentally. You have shown me that I am more than what others may think of me and that I can rise above any obstacles on my path!

- Marina Castiello

"Your training did not only change me physically but also mentally"

After 3 years of training I'm so thankful for the backpack of knowledge I gained! Renatos' playful all-or-nothing attitude kept me motivated. Thank you for your greate and never boring training!

- Andrea Gutmann